Dance Clothing

Dance Direct stocks a large diverse range and styles of Bloch, Capezio and Energetiks Adults Dancewear, as well as Bloch, Capezio, Energetiks and Studio 7 Children/Toddlers Dancewear. Also stocking large variety of M&G Sports Wear and Strut Stuff Gymnastics Clothing for all ages.

Adults Dance Clothing.

RAD Leotards, all different Styles Leotards, Tutu Skirts, Tutu Dresses, Wrap Around Skirts, Hot Pants, ¾ Dance Pants, Long Dance Pants, Knitted Ballet Shorts, Knitted Ballet Tights, Jumpers, Crop Tops, Crossovers/Wraps, Knitted Crossovers/Wraps, Dance T-Shirts, Dance Singles, Dance Undies, Dance Flesh Bras and Dance Flesh Body Suits.

Children/Toddlers Dance Clothing.

Children RAD Leotards, all different Styled Leotards, Tutus Dresses, Tutu Skirts, Pull Up Skirts, Wrap Around Skirts, Hot Pants, ¾ Dance Pants, Long Dance Pants, Ballet Knitted Tights, Crossovers, Wraps, Knitted Crossovers, Dance T-Shirts, Dance Midriff-Shirt, Dance Singlets, Jumpers, Crop Tops, Dance Midriff Jumpers, Ballet Dresses, Fairy Dresses, Dance Undies and Dance Flesh Body Suits.

Gymnastics Clothing.

Singlet Style Leotards, Long Sleeve Leotards, Velvet Hot Pants, Crop Tops and Scrunches.