Shoe Size Guides

We understand when purchasing dance shoes on line may be difficult with sizes differing with all the different brands on the market.

Please choose carefully by following the steps on how to measure your feet then compare with the size charts below.

These shoe size and conversion charts below are a guide only, if you have a query please contact us before ordering on line.


We have provided size chart guidelines for sizing as ballet shoes are not the standard street shoe size and also other styles of dance shoes can vary to the standard street shoe size. Please also take into consideration the stretch factor of ballet shoes the soft leather will stretch snug around the foot for the correct fit.

If you require shoes for growing feet, normally you would select a shoe longer than your current foot measurement with at least 1cm to 1.5cm longer. Wide feet may also require extra length.

How to measure your exact foot size

You will need a piece of A4 paper, a pencil, and a ruler and/or measuring tape.


1. Place your foot flat in the middle of the A4 paper.



 2. Press the pencil firmly at 90 degrees against back of your heel and draw a horizontal line on the paper.


3. Then do exactly the same at the front of your big toe.


Use your measuring tape to measure the exact length in cm to get your true foot size.
Please be as accurate as possible because dance shoe sizes can vary by as little as 5mm and ballet shoes as little as 2mm

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